Dated: May 2020

To-Rise will collect information and data about you during your interaction with To-Rise including but not limited to your use of To-Rise’s websites, application, and other online products and services (“services”) and through other communications you have with us.

I. Applicability and scope
This privacy policy (“policy") applies to persons who use To-Rise’s services. This policy does not apply to the information we obtain from any third-party servicers or other companies (“servicers) and any other users who do not utilize To-Rise’s servicers.

Ii. How we collect information
we will gather information about you when you register for an account to use our services. Additional information may be provided when you modify your account information, contact our internal services, or request services.

Iii. Information we obtain
we may collect information on you including but not limited to your name, address, e-mail, phone number, payment information, your location information, services request, transportation information, and additional information that may be provided during communication.

1. Personal information: when you register for an account, we will request information such

As your name, address, e-mail, phone number, and payment information are requested from

You in order to register your account.

  1. Service information: when you request a transportation service, we will log the data of

    The service requested including the date and time of your requested service, your original

    Location and the requested final endpoint, amount charged, and other details of service.

  2. Website usage and preference information: when you visit our website, we collect information about how you interact and use the site and your settings. We may do this through the use of cookies, pixel tags, server logs, etc. This information may include your ip address, the pages viewed on our website, the time spent on our website, the features

    Used, etc.

  3. Cell phone device information: when you visit our website or application on your mobile

    Device, we may collect information about your device including but not limited to the type of device used, the network used, the serial number, and device identifier, etc.

Iv. How we use information
information collected on you may be used for the following:

1. Information may be used to improve our services by reviewing information to maintain

Adequacy and efficiency. It may be used to develop additional safety features, confirm user identity, provide better customer service, expedite service, expedite payments, send faster message updates, and develop new services.

2. Information may also be used as an attempt to prevent identity theft, avoid future fraud, prevent mishandling of services, monitor issues with the website including bugs and troubleshoot problems.

C. Information may also be used to send you additional information and updates of our services including any new products, routes, events, and news that we believe will be of interest to you based on your preferences and registration of your account.

D. Information may also be used to improve our services by including new features, new advertisements, content, and social interactions based on your preferences in and registration of your account.

V. Sharing and distribution of your information your information may be shared by the following:

  1. With the public if any content submitted is submitted on a public forum that is accessible by

    The general public;

  2. With servicers to allow them to assist you and find you faster. Therefore, we may disclose

    Your location, address, phone number, e-mail address, and/or any additional information to

    Assist the servicer to find your location;

  3. With third-parties who may enter advertise or partner with us;

  1. Withthirdpartieswithwhomyouhavegivenuspermissiontoshareyourinformationwithb y

    Use of our website, app, or services;

  2. With your employer or business affiliates if your service is in relation to a business service;

  3. With the government or other authorities as required by law in response to a request that we

    Believe is in accordance with an applicable law or regulation;

  4. With law enforcement if we believe that your actions and usage is in consistent and against the terms of service or to protect the right, property, policies, and safety of To-Rise and its employees;

  5. With our affiliates that are either internal or contracted for the purposes of conducting data

    Analysis and processing on our behalf for corporate compliance purposes;

  6. With retailers, vendors, consultants, partners, advertisers and other service providers who need access to such information to complete the work we partnered with them to carry out on our behalf;

  7. With any company or person in connection with a potential merger, acquisition, sale of the company, consolidation, financing, restricting, or settlement of the company;

  8. With your prior acquired consent.

Vi. Social networking
our website, app, or any affiliated services (“site”) may use and integrate social networks and other tools to connect and work with our site. You may be permitted to share information on our site or on a social networking site and vice versa.

Vii. Promotions
you may receive messages by any means provided to us with promotions provided by To-Rise. You may choose to opt-out of receiving promotional messages by following the instructions contained in those messages. If you opt-out of promotion messages, we will still send you non- promotional communications, regarding your account, your requested services, potential privacy issues, and ongoing business relations.

Viii. Changes to policy
this policy may be changed from time to time. If substantial changes that affect your personal

Information are made, we will provide notice of the changes and the services by means provided to us during your registration in your account. All additional changes will be updated from time to time and we encourage you to periodically review the policy for the latest updates and it is your responsibility to review the policy for any updates. You acknowledge and agree that your continued use of our services after notice or changes of the policy have been made constitutes your consent.





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