Our Story


Jorge Salcedo Founder / CEO

Since a very young age, Jorge Salcedo a man from Colombia living in the U.S., began showing signs of not adapting to the traditional way of doing things. However, this defiant personality was sheltering a man capable of seeing things from another perspective. In turn, identifying opportunities that were missed by everyone else.


Jorge was always searching for potential competition and focusing on bringing an end to the constant squabble between restaurants and providers, along with the characteristic space issues of this market. At only 30 years old, in a basement of New York, these are the ideas that help give birth to the idea that has become To Rise LLC today: a distributing company of paper and janitorial supplies that works 24/7 with the set goal of always being on time and attentive to its clients’ needs.


On July 4th 2012, a group of people saw potential in Jorge’s idea and as a symbol of their support, they helped to pull that first batch of supplies out of the basement. It was then delivered on a personal vehicle to his first client with the same assurance and compromise that it does today; a wide range of products, from two separate warehouses, and a numerous fleet of vans to hundreds of restaurants and offices.


Currently, the company has a workforce of 30 people. Jorge continues to rely on his family and group of young workers to continue on expanding and providing quality service to the promoters of this dream, their clients.





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